Which Type Of Dog Is Best For Me? Puppy Or Adult Dog?

230fd3c499b75768bbeae3ad4cc7f4f2Let’s face it, puppies are adorable and when deciding to bring a pet into your life, seeing puppies melts even the toughest of hearts. Having to choose between getting a puppy vs an adult OR senior dog can be difficult because each have their pros and cons.

When considering a puppy, the advantages are obvious – they’re adorable, sweet, cuddly, and training them from the get-go can be a lot of fun. However, choosing an already trained adult dog definitely has its advantages.

Here are few things to consider when choosing between getting a puppy vs an adult dog:

  • Puppies are work and lots of patience is highly required during the potty training phase. Expect 3 a.m. outings outdoors, long walks daily and endless hours of play. With these things in mind, the end result is worth every second you spend with your little pup!
  • 291251d66d00565120d1f966513e91caPuppies are a great introduction into homes with young kids OR energetic family environments where there’s a lot of available play time.
  • A grown up dog is a perfect choice for situations where low key adults or retirees want love and companionship and really don’t have the energy for a young puppy.
  • Rescue dogs are also a wonderful way to go. Why not give a rescue dog a second chance? Many come from broken homes or abusive environments. With just the right amount of patience, will and care, your little rescue pet could easily become quite the little gem!

026ddfa5998c7ddddf56e970223b3c88Any way you slice it, dog ownership is work but worth every single second of invested time.

Weigh out the pros and cons and remember to enjoy and have fun with your pet(s)!

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