Stuff Yourselves Not Your Dogs This Holiday Season!

74eb5489273579d16e4af62e75d91668Make no bones about it, food safety and your pets are serious business! With American Thanksgiving coming our way AND the holiday season slowly settling in, the temptation to keep our dogs happy with special people treats can cause irreparable damage. Stuff yourselves, not your dogs!

We all love to spoil our pets with love and tasty treats once in a while but do remember that not ALL foods are suitable. Aside from the list of no’s, danger in the dish is alive and well when the parties come knocking at our doors.

Here are few things to keep in mind!

Rich foods are so yummy FOR US but a nightmare for Fido! Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.21.18 PM

  • These foods can cause stomach upset and pancreatitis.

Keep pets OUT of the kitchen! 

  • A hungry pet who’s salivating from all the tasty food smells filling the air will (most likely!) try and jump to get to what they want. Trouble awaits!

Keep the booze away from your pooches! 

  • Don’t leave alcoholic drinks open or big punch bowls at eye level because paws and tongues can definitely reach out!

Stash the trash OR take it out! 

  • Pets LOVE leftovers and will often eat any and all of what’s left. Out of sight (and smell) out of mind!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.21.42 PM

If your pets do happen to enjoy a few indulgences behind your back, make sure to call your vet immediately!

Enjoy the season and remember you can reinforce safe habits and still HAVE FUN!

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