Don’t Let Cold Weather Freeze Up Your Exercise Routine With Your Pet.

67362b37f9c7b1d94bf70b164a25116cIt’s so easy to settle into the ‘I’ll exercise tomorrow’ routine, especially during colder months. Keep in mind that weather really shouldn’t have an impact, especially for your pets. As you’re aware, health maintenance is an all year round mode of living and cold weather shouldn’t interfere. Stay in shape TOGETHER – knock off two routines at once.

Here are a few ways how:

  • Take brisk morning walks. Brisk walks promote cardiovascular health for both you and your dog.
  • Play TAG! Dogs love chasing and being chased (well, most do anyhow!) so why not play a little tag! Chase your pooch then switch it up and allow them to chase you!
  • Play fetch! Space permitting, indoor fetch can work just as well as the outdoor kind. If space is limited indoors, take Fido outside and play fetch! It can also be tons of fun right after a fresh snowfall.
  • Stairs anyone? If you live in a home that has an abundance of stairs, get your pooch climbing them a few times. Walking up and down or jogging are great ways to burn off some of that excess energy. Do it together!0f25755e83ce02c5fb7c3281cfa75729
  • Ever heard of intervals? Mix up your walks a little with a 1-2 minute walk followed by a quick 20-30 second jog. Now remember, you’re not training for the olympics so gauge both your paces and start slow building up and mixing the timing a bit.

Fall is just around the corner and winter not too far away so keep that exercise routine top of mind and keep that healthy state of mind for the two (or more) of you!

Enjoy and always remember to HAVE FUN!

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