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Water Can Be Dangerous Even For Your Pets.


Pets LOVE water, well most do anyhow. Some choose to avoid it at all cost but for those who love hot summer days in water, they drink it, play in it, swim in it and would probably live in it if they could. While water is a life source, it can also be quite deadly for dogs if ingested in large quantities. Beware of water intoxication.

1dogSo how does it happen exactly and how can we tell when something just isn’t right? When your dog swims around they ingest water. Drinking too much causes electrolyte levels to drop and blood plasma to thin which ultimately leads to the swelling of the brain and other organs. Most people are completely unaware of it.

If your dog has been in the water and they show the following symptoms, PLEASE seek treatment from your veterinarian as soon as possible!

 Symptoms include:
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Light gum color
  • Excessive salivation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Glazed or glossy eyes

Advanced symptoms include:

  • Collapsing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures

1dog3The most important thing is to be aware and be careful. One way to avoid intoxication is to take regular breaks and try to avoid letting your dogs dive for objects under the water. Remember that swimming is great exercise for your pooch, but always in moderation!

Be aware, enjoy the water and stay safe this summer!

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5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Having Summer Fun With Your Pets.


1dog1If you’re a pet owner, summer with your pets can be so much fun with trips to the cottage, weekend morning walks to the local coffee shop and longer playtime outdoors. There is nothing more fulfilling than savouring these relaxing moments with family, friends and our animal companions.

Remember though that a few extra precautions should be considered when heading out of the city, especially into more rural areas where the drive may take up more time.

Consider the length of the trip. We know that summer days can be HOT so controlling the temperature inside your vehicle is key and remember to never leave your pet inside.

Although dogs often LOVE to hang their heads out the window and feel the wind flapping their mouths and ears, be aware that sudden stops can lead to injury. Also, remember to take regular stops and breaks to stretch, to rehydrate your pets and to stretch muscles.

Here are 5 tips on summer safety for pets that you may want to consider:

1 – Keep your pet on a leash when walking through wilderness. Surrounding stimuli could possibly have your pet bolt out of knowhere and you never know what dangers may lie ahead. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2- Gear up! Safety vests and car harnesses aren’t only for people and are always great things to have around especially if canoeing with your dog is part of your summer cottage activity.

3 – Plan ahead especially if you’re visiting an area for the first time. Make sure you pack a little kit with basic supplies such as bandages and tweezers. Also, having your vet’s phone # and insurance information is never a bad idea in case of an emergency.

4 – Stick to habits and try not to break any patterns. If walking your pet first thing in the morning and after dinner is what they’re used to, then continue on. Sticking to routines and patterns helps create a more calm/comfortable environment especially if the surroundings are new.

5 – Remember that not all pets are the same. Some pets may simply sink into a new environment seamlessly however not all pets are built the same. Others may panic especially if you’ve entered a campsite with other people and pets around. This may seem a little silly but if you’re planning to hit a campsite during the summer, do a test run before you invest time and energy only to find out it wasn’t the best idea after all. Pick a night and pitch a tent in your backyard. A ‘sleep outside’ night will give you an idea on how comfortable your pets are with the outdoors during night time hours.  1dog5

Summer’s here, let’s ALL enjoy it and have FUN!

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